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We will be taking some time off from March 20th through April 5th. We will be in and out during this time, so some orders might be shipped, but some shipping delays can also be expected. Feel free to contact us via email if you have questions regarding orders placed during this time. Thank you for your business! Hope to see you at the G.A.S. Conference in San Jose June 5-7!
Jim, Liz, Anna and Groves Moore

Tools for Glass in Work Space

Tools, life and art continue to evolve, but my goals remain the same. I try and make tools that help you translate the picture in your head to the piece on the stick. Tools that feel right in your hand and that you feel right about owning. Tools that do exactly what you want, every time you pick them up.

So, if you're a return customer, welcome back! If you're a new customer, read on! There's a little something for everyone here.

Whatever you do, keep making cool stuff, and thanks again for your patronage!

Jim Moore

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