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Bead Press Video Demonstration

Using our bead press to cap and line beads with silver is easy.

  1. Cut your tubing to the proper length and de-burr both ends.
  2. Place the tubing between the die and anvil and pull down on the lever until the top die flares the tubing. Make sure it flares it enough so that the bead will not fall off of the flared end.
  3. Put a bead on the tubing and then back in the press with the flared end down. Press again. Make sure both ends are flared evenly, by flipping it back and forth.
  4. Stop when the tubing starts to get tight. If you keep pressing, the bead will chip or break.
  5. This looks pretty good. The tubing is flared and ready to be set.
  6. Perfect silver cores should hug the contours of the bead. This also tightens the rivet so that the caps and tubing will not spin.
  7. Now swap out your anvil and die for plastic ones.
  8. Press the beads again. Swapping back and forth until we get just the perfect fit.
  9. There - a thing of beauty.

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