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What are Wonder Blocks and How Do I Use Them?

Wonder blocks come in a wide range of sizes to create spheres from the size of marbles to large paperweights. All of the blocks have the same hemisphere shape (half a sphere). Each block has an appropriate sized notch in it to allow easy blocking. The all steel construction will not change size shape, guaranteeing consistent results over time. A 3/8 nut is welded to each block, allowing for easy removal of the handle. Round aluminum handles must be purchased separately along with cork powder and mold glue.

The wonder block is best suited for situations where consistency of product shape and size are important. The wonder block is a finishing tool and is not a substitute for a traditional block. Do not use the wonder block to shape or cool glass straight out of the furnace. This will scorch the cork and cause the glass to stick to the cork. This will not ruin the block, but the cork will likely be damaged and the glass will have imperfections in it.

Mr. Wizard corks all of the blocks that he sells. Take a good look at it before your use it. This is what it is supposed to look like when you are done corking it. The corking instructions are straight forward, but like everything a little practice goes a long way.

So you have thoroughly scrutinized the wonder block. Now it is time to burn it in. Just like with wood blocks, wonder blocks need to be burned in.

Gather some glass, enough to fill the wonder block, block it with a wood block and then with a wonder block. It will quickly burn into a smooth block that is ready to go.

The wonder block is used in the final shaping of the paperweight. After the final gather has been blocked, a jack line is cut into the glass. This will determine the volume of the paper weight and facilitate in the blocking with the wonder block. The wonder block is dipped in water to moisten it so that the glass will not stick and this also extends the life of the cork.

Once the glass has the correct shape the paper eight can be fire polished. If minor reshaping is required the wonder block can be used dry. Using the block dry will avoid causing chill marks and produce a nice finish that is easier to fire polish.

This is my take on the wonder block, Mr. Wizard said that is sounded good, so if you have any questions or comments I would appreciate hearing them.

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